Museums and Heritage

Museums and Heritage– Discover the most visited museums in the world, comes with pictures, and will give you plenty of ideas for top museums to see on your own travels.

Britain Museum

Britain Museum– View of Palace square with flames and smoke pouring from buildings, people and goods being rescued from upper-storey windows, crowds fleeing with baggage and laden carts in foreground.

Les Champs Libre

Les Champs Libre Les Champs Libres is a cultural center in Rennes, France hosting the Library of Rennes Métropole, the Museum of Brittany, the Espace des sciences, and the Cantine numérique rennaise.

Frac Bretagne Museum

Frac Bretagne Museum– Whether you are a connoisseur or just curious, at Brittany’s Regional Contemporary Art Fund, or FRAC, you’ll find a collection of contemporary works that will catch your imagination and open your mind to artists from a variety of backgrounds.

Eco Museum of Rennes

Ecomuseum of Rennes– With exhibits on three floors, the ecomuseum traces the history of the Bintinais farm, one of the largest farms in the Rennes area and just outside the town itself. The museum looks five centuries of science and technology, nutrition, …

The Breton Parliament

The Breton Parliament– This building, an important part of Rennes’ heritage, was designed by Salomon de Brosse. It is a unique example of 17th-century French pictorial art, and Brittany’s history. Tours available throughout the year (must be booked at the Tourist Information Centre).

The Cathedral of Saint Peter

The Cathedral of Saint Peter– Discover the treasures of this restored cathedral, including the Roman high altar, impressive pipe organ, paintings and remarkable vaults. Rebuilt between the 16th and 19th centuries and restored between 2009 and 2014, the Cathedral of Saint Peter has served as a backdrop to important moments in the history of both Brittany and France, such as the coronation of the dukes and duchesses of Brittany.

The Duchesne Tower

The Duchesne Tower– Integrated in Rennes’ old town’s historic wall and dating from the 15th century, the Duchesne Tower appears somewhat detached from the beauty and fragility of the architectural marvels held within the city’s walls. The battlements provide no less of a captivating sight, with origins dating back to the 3rd century and having been rebuilt in the 15th century. The tower provides some of the best panoramic views in the whole of Rennes. Image Map